Feminine in Business

become the successful & confident
businesswoman you've always dreamed of


for the woman who

wants to close the gap between her present and her future self 


let me guess
you're burned out because...

you followed masculine business advice like "hustle" and "pick a niche"

you're constantly doing, working, instead of being

you procrastinate on important tasks because perfectionism & self-doubt sneak in



Yes, there is a way towards discipline, productivity, and business success that also feels natural, soft, and feminine. 


it is absolutely possible to build a thriving business while staying in your feminine energy.


get rid of your limiting beliefs, reinvent yourself and rewire your brain for abundance


 practical lifestyle changes to become your most productive self while living your most soft, feminine life


learn how to make money online and enter your wealth era with strategies that make work feel almost effortless 

made for the woman who wants to bring her feminine energy into building a successful business



The Feminine-in-Business Course 

This course is made for you if you want to...

embrace your uniqueness

love every bit of what makes you special and use it to succeed in business

break free of masculine business energy

that limits your femininity instead of allowing it to help you succeed

learn to say no

and set boundaries so you can say yes to more things that feel right

your dream work lifestyle 

create a workflow that's both productive and fulfilling

stop apologizing

and instead embrace and use all the unique parts of who you are

build real confidence

and find true self-worth that will help you detach and turn you into a magnetic confident woman

about your mentor

Sina Port

has made it her mission to help women get paid to be who they are

Íē§¬† Fortune 500 Brand Consultant

Íē§¬† Keynote speaker¬†

Íē§¬† Helped¬†over 150 women¬† build a¬†business around who they are

The course content

Here's what's waiting for you inside...


60 lessons packed with knowledge and directly applicable tips for living your dream feminine business life

Module 1 

Feminine Energy

The first step is awareness-
connect back to your feminine

  1. Intro 
  2. Masculine vs Feminine
  3. Why you have lost connection
  4. How to activate it
  5. Acting vs being
  6. Womanhood Superpowers 
  7. Reinvent yourself
Module 2

Natural Strengths

Become aware of what your many gifts are
how to use them in your business

  1. Why you feel exhausted
  2. Your gifts
  3. Feminine Archetypes
  4. Explore your passions
  5. Reconnect with your 'Why'
  6. Intention & Values 
  7. Making work feel effortless 
Module 3

Feminine discipline

Come closer to your dream woman
and live out your vision board

  1. Discipline vs Devotion
  2. Romanticize discipline
  3. Attitude
  4. Comparison
  5. Jealousy
  6. Belief
  7. Let go of control
  8. Will vs Try
  9. 95%
  10. The power of ONE
  11. 10 Micro habits that will change your life
Module 4

Work & Wealth Mindset

Get into an abundance mindset
and make work fit your dream lifestyle

  1. Money mistakes
  2. What to know about money
  3. Work trap
  4. Scarcity vs Abundance
  5. Abundance mindset
  6. Manifesting
  7. The language of money
  8. Lifestyle changes
  9. How to get out of survival mode
  10. Stop settling
  11. Envision
  12. Rich girl math
  13. Compounding
Module 5

Soft Productivity 

We all know procrastination is the cost of the life you could have lived. Create habits that bring both peace & results.

  1. The truth
  2. Not the same
  3. Flow
  4. Mindfulness
  5. 2 things
  6. Three days in one
  7. Now
  8. What if I have a 9-5
  9. Morning routine
  10. Outsource
  11. Scheduling
  12. Workflow as a lifestyle
Module 6

Magnetic Confidence

get over the fear of being seen, build real self-worth
and show up as your best self

  1. Stop being insecure
  2. The only opinons that matter
  3. Consumption
  4. Detached
  5. Imitate
  6. External vs Internal
  7. How to stand out
  8. Hype file
  9. Get over the fear of being seen
  10. Influencing others
  11. Voice
  12. Rituals
  13. Show, don't tell
Module 7


Become the most elegant version of yourself. Health & healing, and glow-up secrets to embody your future self.

  1. Be honest
  2. Elegance
  3. How to glow up
  4. How to find the time
  5. Health & Healing
  6. Balance
  7. Your feminine style
  8. Colors
  9. Clothes
  10. Beauty habits to level up
  11. Aesthetic
  12. Online presence
Module 8

Feminine Business Models

Learn how to create a business to get paid to be who you are. Without starting capital.

  1. Get paid to be who you are
  2. No starting capital
  3. Money mindset
  4. Premium price
  5. Sell without selling
Module 9

Become Known

Build your personal brand to stop chasing and start attracting all the opportunities you deserve.

  1. Your garden
  2. Stop boxing yourself in
  3. Become the niche
  4. Your platform
  5. What to focus on
  6. Creator mindset
  7. Every day
  8. HD
  9. Content as lifestyle
  10. The Creator Mind



say less, this is exactly what I need!


The Feminine-in-Business Course 

a letter to the little girl 

You remember that little girl who thought:

"Wouldn¬īt it be cool if I would run a business one day? And a farm. Maybe a coffee shop that¬īs also a library. Bake bread every day and go on walks with my kids. Oh and travel the world every other month? Maybe speak on big stages and inspire lots of people!"¬†

Well the little girl became a woman.

And started a business.

But with all the struggle and burnout that comes with doing everything by yourself, she started thinking "Is this business world really for me?"

It's overwhelming when it feels like we need to act in ways that don't fit us. We're pushed to show a strength that doesn't feel natural, to do it all, and to sell ourselves, following rules not made for us.

I want to tell that little girl: You have everything you need.

Your power lies in your intuition, connection, and love for what you do. If you've doubted if entrepreneurship is for you, this course says, "Yes, it is!"

It's not about changing to fit the business world but about letting your business reflect your true self through your strengths, uniqueness and vision.

That's why Feminine in Business exists. For you to embrace your uniqueness and find confidence in your natural way of doing things. It's time to shine, use work methods that feel right, and be more you.

We're about reconnecting with our strengths to navigate towards our dream business.

Because we don't chase, we attract.

your dream business, but the feminine way

become your most abundant self, so you can finally enter your wealthy woman era 







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I used to wear my brother's clothes. Had 6 jobs before I was 16. Became the breadwinner in my family. Masculine energy helped me escape a life I didn't want. 

But only my feminine energy helped me achieve the life I dreamed of.

It took me 23 years to discover that my true power lies in my womanhood.

I was constantly hustling, grinding in survival mode
following masculine business advice that didn’t fit me and made me feel like I wasn’t meant for business.

Until I change my entire business approach, changed my daily routines and workflow and rewired my brain for abundance

And instead of surviving, I grew my business 10 times.

Today my mission is to help every woman use their unique strengths to gain financial independence. Not because I believe we should be competing with men. But because it gives us the freedom to choose how, where, and with whom to live our lives. We use our businesses, to leave a legacy that outlives us.

This course was created to help you on your personal growth journey. I truly look forward to hearing how it helped you. Please leave me a message with your experience.