Find the strength within yourself, shine in all your glory and prove all those who doubt you wrong!

Show the world your true strength and elegance. In Goddess Mentoring you will learn how to bring out your unique femininity and develop your full potential. Your journey to becoming a goddess begins here!

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Strengthen your self-confidence

Learn immediately actionable techniques to boost your confidence and promote personal growth.

Discover psychological tricks to find your own path to success.

Master your assertiveness

Assert yourself as a woman and convince in professional and private situations.

Master the art of communication and learn to set clear boundaries.

Passionate relationships

Improve your relationships by communicating on the same wavelength as your partner.

Learn social skills to avoid conflict and interact at a higher level of consciousness.

Goddess mentoring

This course is made for you if you...

You often feel insecure and after

Find ways to strengthen your self-confidence and live authentically.

Feeling like you're trapped in a world

that constantly demands you to be more and better and you want to learn how to free yourself from these expectations.

For deeper and more fulfilling relationships

seek, both to yourself and to others.

I don't want to be misunderstood anymore,

but want to improve your communication skills in order to be more convincing in professional and private situations.

you no longer want to feel insecure,
but finally want to go through life with self-confidence and authenticity.
Aim for a fulfilled and balanced life,

in which you celebrate your femininity and achieve your goals at the same time.

Goddess mentoring

The Journey Through Goddess Mentoring ...

You have self-confidence. Or learn it with simple techniques that can be implemented immediately and have a direct effect. You'll be amazed at the simple psychological tricks that can instantly boost your personal growth.

I'll give you practical tips so that you'll never be speechless again - when it comes to asserting yourself as a woman, convincing your boss or signaling your feminine strength in a room full of men. 

Relationships become more passionate because you communicate in the same tone as the other person and set clear boundaries that are accepted.

Conflicts will never be stressful again - because they no longer occur. Master language techniques and people skills in order to read your counterpart and communicate with them on completely new levels of consciousness. 

Go out and open the doors for yourself that you have always dreamed of. Step by step, with each video that brings you closer to being the best and most beautiful version of yourself. 

About Your Mentor

Sina has made it her mission to remind women of the power that lies within them and how to use it correctly for themselves
  •  Helped over 433 women   live more       fulfilling lives 
  • Speaker in front of thousands of people on large stages and on TV
  • From rags to riches in 6 years
  • Serves hundreds of women in the MyMia Club 
  • facher Red Fox Award in Folge als Mindset Mentor
  • Freed yourself from a toxic environment and found new life

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Goddess Mentoring

The Journey Through Goddess Mentoring ...

 Ready to transform your life? Immerse yourself in the world of Goddess Mentoring,
where each of the 163 lessons is a step closer to your true essence.
Module 1


Discover your goddess

In this first module we will look at your potential. We dig deep to find your hidden treasures – your strengths, your passions, your untapped talents. With powerful visualizations and self-reflection exercises, you'll learn how to let your true self shine.

Module 2


Self-confidence and self-worth

It's time to break the chains of self-doubt. In this module I give you the tools to make your self-confidence an unshakable foundation. Together we will destroy negative beliefs and replace them with exercises that promote your inner strength. Prepare to see yourself in a whole new light.

Module 3


Communication and expression 

Communication is your bridge to the world, and I'll show you how to master it. We will sharpen your expression so that you always find the right words. Through practical exercises and role play, you will learn how to communicate your thoughts and feelings clearly and confidently. You will master the art of listening and learn how to communicate with empathy and conviction. 

Module 4


Setting boundaries and assertiveness

Boundaries are not there to limit you, but to protect your space. In this module you will learn how to set your boundaries lovingly but firmly. I will show you how to say “no” without feeling guilty and how to strengthen your assertiveness to remain confident in any situation. 

Module 5


Relationships and Intimacy

The relationship with others is a reflection of the relationship with yourself. In this module we delve into the depths of your relationships. You will learn how to build a deep connection that ignites passion while leaving space for your individuality. Together we will discover the secrets of a fulfilling partnership.

Module 6


Dealing with emotions

Emotions are now your superpower - if you know how to use them for yourself. In this module you will learn how to understand your emotions, accept them and channel them into positive channels. I'll show you how to overcome emotional storms and emerge stronger from every experience.

Module 7


Professional development, personal vision

 Your career is more than just a job – it is an expression of your life mission. In this module you will clearly define your professional dreams and create a plan to make them a reality. I will accompany you step by step on the path to your professional advancement and show you how to turn obstacles into springboards.

Module 8


Spirituality and self-realization

Spirituality is the secret ingredient that transforms your life from the inside out. In this module we explore spiritual practices together that connect you with your intuition and inner wisdom. You will learn to create your daily rituals that give you strength and inspire you.


A small excerpt



7 reasons why Goddess mentoring is an absolute must for you.

  1. Increased self-confidence:
    You will develop increased self-confidence that will empower you in all areas of your life.

  2.  Clarity and focus:

     With mentoring you will gain clarity about your goals and your life path. 

  3. More fulfilling relationships:

     Our participants report improved partnerships and social relationships. 


  4. Effective Communication:

     You'll learn practical skills to communicate confidently and clearly, leading to more successful networking and fewer conflicts. 

  5. Career advancement:

     Women who have completed our mentoring experience successful careers, whether through career advancement or starting their own business.

  6. Increase Income:

     Using the skills and insights gained from mentoring, you can maximize your income opportunities.  

  7. Deep satisfaction:

     In addition to external success, Goddess mentoring also provides you with inner fulfillment and a higher level of satisfaction and happiness. 

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