LinkedIn Course


Learn the 6P Framework to succeed on LinkedIn


LinkedIn Course


If you want to be recognized as an expert in anything, LinkedIn is the place to be. It might just be the key you need to turn your side hustle idea into reality. In this course, you will learn how to transform your profile into a magnet for opportunities, jobs, and clients—all without having to constantly "show off." 

Sina Port

6 Modules

30 Videos

Personal Branding

The 6Ps Framework

What you'll get today:

✓ The 6Ps of LinkedIn: Discover how to use LinkedIn’s features to optimize your profile visibility and attract more opportunities.

✓ Platform: Uncover why LinkedIn is the underused tool that could double your income.

✓ Profile: Learn how to tweak your LinkedIn profile to increase your chances of being hired by 70%

✓ People: Create your own PR machine to get featured in your favorite magazines and events

✓ Portfolio: Convince people about you and your work before they even meet you.

✓ Posts: Get a detailed roadmap on what, when, and how to post to go viral on LinkedIn.

✓ Performance: Learn to turn one successful post into multiple opportunities.

Social Media Course

 YOU have what your target group needs. Share it with the world - thanks to the power of social media. 

I'll help you build a reach on social media over the next 30 days that will be real fans of you, interact with you and buy from you.




Cheat code

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Sina as your mentor

We all have our “why,” which is also our greatest strength. But sometimes we have to figure it out first.

Social media has forced me to be the person I truly am. Gave me space to contribute. And that worked. 

Today I make a living from it and share my strategy with those who want to use their voice on social media to tell their own story. 

There is room for everyone - we just have to dare. 

This is your cheat code for how to build reach faster than you think - and become seen as an expert on LinkedIn