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Find like-minded people, grow together and experience the power of the MyMiaClub

The path to personal growth can be lonely, but at My Mia Club you will not only find support, but also like-minded people who want to move forward with you. Become part of the My Mia Club and discover how personal growth in a supportive community becomes an unparalleled experience. 
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A club I would have liked to have had back then...


During my journey of personal growth, I found that the more I evolved, the fewer people shared my path.

The loneliness that came with it led me to wonder if I was the only one who had lost friends through self-improvement.

At that moment the idea of ​​MyMiaClub came about. Here I found a space where women support, encourage and grow together.

The club doesn't just offer gray theory, but also tangible experiences and life hacks from practice. From mentoring videos on different areas of life to regular IDE sessions where we share our unique ideas, the club creates an oasis of support.

The club is divided into standard and premium parts, with premium members having access to exclusive resources such as a Telegram group and monthly live calls. This club is more than a place of growth; it is a vibrant community of women who support each other in their challenges and celebrate together.


A Space For Like-Minded People. A Space For Growth. Deep Connections. And A Pure Energy Oasis.

Don't let others bring you down, let like-minded people push you and motivate you.

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Grow With Women Who Are Already Where You Want To Be.

The path to personal growth can be lonely, but at My Mia Club you will not only find support, but also like-minded people who want to move forward with you.


A place of like-minded women who all share a common desire to grow personally and encourage each other.


An inspiring environment where women develop their strengths and encourage each other to achieve personal and professional goals.


Hundreds of new friendships have already been made in MyMiaClub and many, many more have come from it.

Yes, I'm ready for MyMiaClub

That's what my participants say

Don't wait, develop your inner femininity!

Tawhed Bashar

Sustainability + Innovation Consultant

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Tasnim Jemli

Engineer turned Community Founder

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Sustainability & Innovation Consultant

"I never thought I could find a group of women that I connect with so deeply, but here I am! This community has been more than I could ever imagine. Our coworking sessions, and our conversations have become the highlight of my week!


Fashion Business Developer

"Brand Academy is a sisterhood community that helps women build their own empires"



Virtual Assistant

"Just signed my dream client! And since joining Brand Academy I have shown up on my social platforms more and more as my authentic self!"


Data Engineer

"Joining Brand Academy has proven to be a transformative experience. I launched my startup after just a few months! Finally, I am able to bring my true, authentic self with me everywhere I go, without fear or shame."

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My Goal For You Is To...

🦋 Build a brand that not only represent you but inspire others, creating a ripple effect of positive change in your industry.

🦋Get messages from your fans saying, " You are inspiring! I can't wait to see what you'll come up with next!"

🦋Tap into your unique talents and experiences, and break free from any blocks that have been holding you back.

🦋Know your value double your rates. (and have your dream clients happily pay them)

🦋say to yourself, " I am absolutely in love with my brand and business"! and  feel that love radiate out to everyone around you.

🦋Have this be the year that people tell you, "You're my absolute role model in the industry"! - and for you to know it's true

And eventually, you'll have the freedom to get paid to be who you are

Getting up every day doing what you love.

That's the dream, right?

Yes, I want to grow with like-minded people

Sina has made it her mission to remind women of the power that lies within them and how to use it correctly for themselve

  2x Red Fox Award as Mindset Mentor

  Helped 433+ women live more fulfilling lives

 Renowned speaker on major stages and on television


Hey I'm Sina 

A few years ago, I realized my expertise and work experience weren't enough to make ends meet. I had started a few businesses already, but the income barely covered my rent. I knew I was good at what I did, I was an expert even. But the problem was, no one knew who I was. That's when I came across personal branding. 

Sina is a Fortune 500 consultant, an investor in female-founded companies, and an expert in brand strategy with over 10 years of experience in the industry.

Sina has coached over 3,000 students and has been featured in Vogue.

She has worked with global brands such as adidas, BMW, and Google, and has spoken on stages around the world.

As a German living across the world, Sina is obsessed with the freedom that comes with building purpose-driven brands.