We don't chase. We attract.


Social Media without trends.
Business without selling.
Personal Branding without a niche.
A feminine way to success.


In the Garden Mentoring you will learn how to become known, so you can get paid to be who you are. 



Sina Port

6 Modules

168 Videos

Personal Branding

The Garden Mentoring

"How do you catch butterflies?" - a question that changed my life

"Well, you just go after them?You get a net thingy and try to catch them" I replied

"No." My mentor said. "The point is you don't catch butterflies. You build a garden and let them come to you."

If butterflies are all the opportunities you want in your life and career. Then your Personal Brand is the garden that attracts them to you.

Let¬īs grow your garden together.

Build Your Personal Brand 

It's time to become known for who you truly are. You have a lot of skills? Amazing. Stop boxing yourself into a niche and instead, become the niche. 

Grow On Social Media

It's absolutely possible to grow online without following trends or sharing your entire life online. Find your perfect content format, get more views, and grow an audience that can't wait to hear (and buy) from you.

Get Paid to be Who You Are

You have gifts you want to share with others but you're tired of selling. Here we'll turn your talents into irresistible offers that people will beg to buy. Learn techniques that will attract your dream clients and how to sell without selling. 







Plant Your Garden

create your Personal Brand & grow on Social Media

Grow Your Garden

monetize your talents & get paid to be who you are





This program is made for you if you...

have been posting consistently but you're not growing

but you know you can succeed with your skills and passions online

never want to pitch yourself again

and instead of convincing people about you, let your online presence do the talking for you

have been great at what you're doing in your career and now you want to do it on your own

and instead of convincing people about you, let your online presence do the talking for you

launched a product but nobody bought

and you want to learn how to attract your dream clients and start to sell without selling

use your story to do the selling for you

so you can help more and more people, while building the life of your dreams

about your mentor

Sina Port

has made it her mission to help women get paid to be who they are

Íē§¬† Fortune 500 Brand Consultant

Íē§¬† Keynote speaker¬†

Íē§¬† Helped¬†over 150 women¬† build a¬†business around who they are


The journey through the Garden Mentoring...

 Ready to become known? Dive into the Garden Mentoring,
where each of the 168 lessons gets you closer to get paid to be who you are.
Plant Your Garden


Module 1-3

This is where you become the niche, create content that looks, sounds, and feels like you and grow an audience on Social Media.

Grow Your Garden


Module 4-6

This is where we monetize your talents, and build a premium expert brand that attracts your dream opportunities. 

Module 1


You & Your Message

Instead of trying to box you into a niche. We will make YOU the niche. In this first module we will look at your potential.¬†We dig deep to find your hidden treasures ‚Äď your strengths, your passions, your untapped talents. And¬†develop a message that¬†will make people instantly fall in love with you

Module 2


Content Strategies

It's time to reflect who you are online. In this module I give you the tools to find and create your ideal content format. A content style that sounds and feels like YOU (and doesn't take you hours to create). You will understand the algorithm and how to master it. Here is where we dive deep into Social Media and how to ACTUALLY grow online (without following trends). 

Module 3


Engagement & Growth 

Your dream audience is out there, and I'll show you how to find them. This module is not only about how to grow your followers. But how to create a community that will fall in love with you and is ready to buy (anything) from you. 

Module 4


Premium Brand

Now you have an online presence and followers. But are people ready to pay the big bucks? In this module, you will learn how to build a premium brand (where people won't ask you for discounts). And how to become known as a real expert by optimizing your online presence, getting featured, leadership positioning, and more.

Module 5



This is not about becoming an influencer or creating a perfect product that you launch for weeks. In this module we dive deep into the 5 strategies to get paid to be who you are TODAY. From consulting to courses, coaching and even public speaking. Learn how to find out exactly what people want (before you even create it). Together we develop the dream offer that will make both big brands and your community excited to pay you.

Module 6



This is not about cold-calling, pitching to clients, or selling on Social Media. We don't chase, we attract. You will learn how to build a dream offer that will make people beg to buy from you and how to actually get clients to reach out to you. Together we dive deep into the art of how to sell without selling.


a quick look inside



Why The Garden Mentoring is An Absolute Must for You


1. Follow Your Own Way:

Learn how true it is to be yourself. No need to chase trends or stick to one area for the rest of your life. Here, we build a personal brand that shows off all your interests.


2. Personal Brand but Private Life:

Stop feeling pressured to share your whole life online. In our program, being true to who you are is enough to succeed, without having to overshare online.


3. Get Paid to Be You:

Fed up with having to pick just one thing to be good at? It's time to find what makes you unique and how your talents can help others. Because the math is simple: if you want to make more money, you need to help more people.


4. Community:

Make true connections that support you and follow you along your path. Not just for what you do, but who you are. So they can grow and evolve with you.


5. Share Your Worth:

Without sounding pushy or selling on Social Media. The Garden Mentoring teaches you to attract opportunities just by being yourself.


6. Grow Your Career 

without giving up who you are. Whether you're just starting out, working on a side hustle, or already running your business, this program is here to get you closer to financial independence. Because with that comes true freedom 


7. Live your vision

The Garden Mentoring isn't just about what you achieve‚ÄĒit's about living a life that fits your¬†future¬†self and¬†leaves a legacy you'll be proud of one day





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