The Garden Mentoring 

stop chasing, start attracting


This mentorship program is all about helping you grow, find your voice, and succeed in your own unique way.

With each lesson, you'll learn more about yourself and how to share your talents with the world.



My goal for you is to...


ūü¶č Build a brand that not only represents you but inspires others, creating a ripple effect of positive change in your industry.

ūü¶č¬†Get messages from your fans saying, "You¬†are so inspiring! I can't wait to see what you'll come up with next!"

ūü¶č Tap into your unique talents and experiences, and break free from any blocks that have been holding you back.

ūü¶č¬†Know your value. Double your rates (and have your dream clients happily pay them).

ūü¶č Say to yourself, "I am absolutely in love with my brand and business!" and feel that love radiate out to everyone around you.

ūü¶č Have this be the year that people tell you, "You're¬†my absolute role model in the industry!" - and for you to know it's true.

And eventually, you'll have the freedom to get paid to be who you are

Getting up every day doing what you love.

That's the dream, right?


Can I see any reviews from students?

You can watch, listen to, and read reviews from past customers who've joined Sina Port's mentoring from countless backgrounds, industries and countries!
Want to hear stories from entrepreneurs just like you and see the results they've been able to create after taking the program? 


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