Sina Port Has Helped Entrepreneurs Build Their Personal Brands for More Income + Impact

They did it and so can you. These hard-working students put in amazing focus and energy to create their success.

Is Sina's Mentoring right for me?

Find out how Sina has helped entrepreneurs and creative professionals from around the world to build and scale their brands for more impact and income!

Ambitious Beginners

Tasnim Jemli
Engineer turned Community Founder

Is your dream to turn your passion into a business? Whether you’re a coach, consultant, connector or side hustler, Brand Academy will make sure you get started the right way.


Tawhed Bashar
Sustainability + Innovation Consultant

Do you want to finally get recognized for your expertise and attract high-paying clients?

In Brand Academy, you will get all the tools you need to finally get the recognition you deserve!

Offline Entrepreneurs

Mariam Attar
Fashion Business Developer

Do you have a boutique, shop or physical product and are finally ready to attract more customers and increase your revenue? Brand Acadeny will teach you how to grow your online presence—even if you’re terrified of putting yourself out there.

Student Reviews

hear it directly from our BA students


Fashion Business Developer

"Sina helps women build their own empires"


Sustainability & Innovation Consultant

"I never thought I could find a group of women that I connect with so deeply, but here I am! This community has been more than I could ever imagine. Our coworking sessions, and our conversations have become the highlight of my week! And our challenges have shown me that I am actually a really motivated person, but I just need the right environment that pushes me - and it's this!"


Data Engineer

"Joining Brand Academy has proven to be a transformative experience. I launched my startup after just a few months! Finally, I am able to bring my true, authentic self with me everywhere I go, without fear or shame."


Selflove & Relationship Coach

"I absolutely love how well-structured your Brand Academy program is! It's not just some random collection of tips; it's a journey from confusion to clarity. When you join, you start off feeling lost, but then you give us exact guidance on what to do next. And your presentation style is just amazing, mashaAllah! Learning from you feels like being wrapped in a warm blanket of understanding. Branding can be so elusive, but you break it down in such a relatable way!"


Virtual Assistant

"Just signed my dream client! And since joining Brand Academy I have shown up on my social platforms more and more as my authentic self!"


Data Analyst

"Saying YES to Brand Academy is saying YES to growing your personal brand, being part of a supportive community, and connecting with like-minded, purpose-driven women!"


Creative Content Designer

"Brand Academy really helped me stop being so scared and it gave me the confidence to plan for creating my own computer game. Now I got accepted into a coding program and started an entirely new career path!"


Who's this membership for?

Income-Generating Solopreneurs

You already have a business or side hustle that’s making you under $5k/month, built around your expertise. 

But growth is slow and you are starting to feel stuck. Income covers the basics but doesn’t really pay for the lifestyle you would like because you struggle to attract high-paying clients. It’s particularly hard because not enough people know you. You’re already posting on social media but it takes a lot of time, effort, and creativity and you’re stressed by all your other commitments.

You'd love to find a way to become known and build an online presence, without sacrificing quality time you could spend with family or doing the things you love. The dream would be so well known that people pay you for your expertise and you can run your dream business from anywhere in the world and on your own schedule.

✔ Ambitious Beginners

You have a passion you want to turn into a business. Maybe it started as a hobby, but as you are now posting about it consistently online, you want to take it to the next level.

You have under 10k followers on your main accounts, and so far haven’t made any consistent income from it yet. But the truth is, you feel a little lost and overwhelmed. You're not sure how to get noticed, and you're scared of failing. But you know that you are a hard worker and with the right guidance and support, you can get recognized, be paid for your talents, and become truly known for who you are and what you stand for.


Who's this membership NOT for?

Hobby Entrepreneurs

If you're still treating your business like a hobby, then Brand Academy is not the best fit for you.

Our program is designed for women founders who are serious about turning their passion into a sustainable and profitable brand.

✘ Passion Seekers

While we'll help you discover your unique advantage, Brand Academy is not for people who have no idea what their passions or talents are.

If you haven't yet found your expertise or creative talents or aren't willing to put in the work to figure it out, this program is not the right fit for you.

What I would recommend to you is to watch some of my free content first, start posting online, and come back when you are ready to build a brand around yourself that turn your passions into profits.